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Get Your Butt Up, & START

The hardest thing with any task, no matter how big or small is just starting. The moment we realize it is time to do something, that is the exact moment our body betrays us and we tell yourselves that it can wait until later.

Let me tell you something, thats not your body talking. That’s your mind. We talk ourselves out of your task because right out the gate we already didn’t want to do them. We see those task as too time consuming, too hard, or just not worth our energy. Not only does this decrease our productivity, it makes us more likely to be distracted in other things resulting in a weakened mental fortitude. Basically, we become complacent.

The best way to help improve your mindset is to immediately start the task that needs to be completed the moment you realize you need to do something. Don’t give yourself the opportunity to back out. 9 times out a 10 once you start working on the task, your find that its easy to keep going and see it through. Now, building up to this mentality will take time and effort on your part but believe me when I say the more you commit and push through, the easily things will become.

–  Noria

Also check out my latest lifestyle video about ways your can improve your mental health.


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