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Honest Review: POPFLEX Active Wear

If any of you follow my Instagram or Facebook, you know that a lot of my workout clothes (and casual outfits) are composed of various items from the POPFLEX line.

POP SHORTS 2.0 & Criss Cross Top – Mermaid
Pointe Leggings -Navy


Pointe Leggings -White, Criss Cross Top – Mermaid


After owning more than half of the entire POPFLEX line for several months, I thought it was about time I gave you my honest opinion on some of the current pieces.


I currently have three of these shorts, all in size 8. First of all, can I just say that I NEVER thought I would be the one to wear any type of shorts during a workout. Between the size of my hips, butt, and waist, its really hard for me to feel comfortable in short attire. Inside a group fitness class or during my own private workouts, I am pretty comfortable walking around and moving in these short. They do ride a little, but everything stays completely covered. Now, outside of working out….yeah these are a little too short for me, my comfort level drops dramatically, but this is only because I’m not use to wearing short clothing out in public. Fitness is a completely different world for me.

The sizing chart on the site is pretty accurate when it comes to the shorts. The waist is a little big on me, but I just fold the top down a little and I’m good to go. These shorts are currently priced at $29.50. As I’ve mentioned, I currently have three pairs and will continue to buy more as new collection pieces are revealed.



The Criss Cross Top is basically a crop top that is a bra. I currently own the Mermaid one (show in first photo) and the black one. When I first saw these, I wanted to love them so badly. The design was amazing and I enjoy how it looks on me.

However, that love turned into a “I guess I can deal with this” soon after purchase. According to the sizing chart my 36C girls should have fit in the size 8 bra. They fit, but just barely. It feels like a compression bra and that’s when I took the bra cup out. Overall, it is a nice bra if you are having a casual day, or engaged in a LIGHT workout such as yoga, stretching, or anything where you aren’t jumping. High intensity workouts are where this bra failed me. I constantly worry that I’m going to have a wardrobe malfunction and since I can’t wear the cups with this bra, I also don’t have good support.

Final Judgment: This bra is perfect as lounge day attire,  a statement piece, or great for a low intensity workout. Also, if your bust is smaller, you shouldn’t have any problems wearing this bra for whatever. Anyone else, strap down your girls. Priced at $29.50, its not bad.

***The creator of POPFLEX, Cassey HO, is currently working on the next collection in this line where she promises to address the bust issue related to the bras and some of the tops. She recently sent out a survey asking all of us of measurements and thoughts on what she can improve on.



If you following me on Instagram, you should know that I practically live in these leggings on and off the mat. These feel like a second skin and OMG the two side pockets spoil me. I am forever changed, and any leggings I own that doesn’t have pockets are hardly worn by me anymore. I currently own the black, navy, and white. Yes, I said white! They are surprisingly very stain resistant. I took several photos in a pumpkin patch/nature park. I climbed on, sat on, and posed on various surfaces and it wasn’t until I literally dug my knee into the ground that I got my first stain (detergent washed it right out). So don’t be afraid of the white.


The new price is set at only $45, sizing it very accurate (I’m also a size 8 in these), and the colors you can choose from are all lovely. Be bold and try the color your afraid of.


That is it for now, I have a couple other pieces/designs from the line, but I think I’m going to wait to do a comparison post when the new collection is released. (Little bird said its going to be real soon and I’m beyond excited). I truly love this line, this brand, and the POP community. So much love and encouragement. And it’s pretty dang affordable especially with the receive price reduction and new rewards program that was just released. You can check everything out right here at POPFLEX.

For my most updated review on the latest collection click here.

– Noria


3 thoughts on “Honest Review: POPFLEX Active Wear

  1. Hello…. Can you please tell me how the pointe leggings run.. I have 38.5 inches hips, and i am confused what size to get, 6 or 8 .Please advise!! 🙂


    1. I bought the size 8 and there was extra fabric around the groin area. My hips are 39 inches, so I would get the size 6. I sized down to 6 for the collections that came after and I love the fit. There is enough stretch in the fabric that you should be fine.


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