28 Questions to Ask Yourself (Part 1)

As a way to start my days off on a happier/motivational note, I signed up for The Happiness Planner “Daily Happiness Email” series a couple weeks ago. And if I’m being completely honest, no I do not read them everyday. It’s more of I’ll make a note to myself to read these one day when I’m “in the mood”.

First of all, shame on me. The point of these emails is to start the day off on a positive, insightful note and here I am saying I’ll wait until I’m ready ….(insert side eye here). But on the rare occasion I actually read through the email in a timely matter, I’m normally slapped in the face. Like seriously, some of these emails must know I’m slacking and decide to be my wake up call.

I wake up one day and saw the headline “28 Questions to Ask Yourself Before It’s Too Late”. Mind you, I’m laying down wiping drool off my face, trying to calculate how many more times I can hit the snooze button. Like I said, these emails stay calling me out and that’s just the title. Within the email, the founder of The Happiness Planner, Mo Seetubtim, states that the questions listed are great to ponder upon and that she will ask herself these questions when she is feeling confused or stuck in life.

Last time I checked, I was confused and stuck and trying to figure out what exactly my next step should be, so I decided to give these questions a shot and hold myself accountable and share my answers with you.


1.) If not now, then when?

Initially, the answer is always when I have the time. However, I’m smart enough to know that there will never be time unless you make it. The saying that if you really care about something, you’ll make time for it is 100% truth. So basically, I need to get off of my butt now and make ish happen.

2.) What would you do if nobody would judge you?

I create more content for my YouTube channel. The topics would be numerous and completely random depending on my mood. I’d take more pictures out in public related to fitness and healthy. I’d stay vlogging and be perfectly okay with talking to myself when other people are around. Overall, I would be shameless in what I was trying to achieve.

3.) Have you done something worth remembering lately?

Ouch, just punch me in the face why don’t you.

Right out the gate, I would have said no BUT according to my friends that’s not true. It seems that the moves I’ve been making since the end of last year up until a few weeks ago have giving them motivation to push their lives in the directions that they want. Who knew quitting my job and following up on a hobby I enjoy would resonate with people.

4.) Time or money?

You know when I first say this question, I thought of course I would prefer having time over money. Now, as I type I’m leaning towards have money over time just because my ultimate goal is to travel and I kinda need money for that. But alas, I still with my initial choice of having time over money. Here’s the reason why. If I have more time, I could focus my energy on doing what I love which in turn would make me happier AND by doing so, make that passion be my stability i.e. money.

5.) What is the one thing of are proud of but would never put on your resume?

Because it currently has nothing to do with the idea I have for my future business, my YouTube channel is one thing I wouldn’t put on my resume. Now, don’t go thinking I have this mass following or anything. I have barely 200 subbies but I’m grateful for each one and proud of how far my channel has come over the pass two years.

6.) In 20 years from now, what do you want to remember?

I want to remember that I gave everything my all. That I took every opportunity that pushed me to be and do better. That I gained that hustler quality I saw in many others.

7.) What is something that you have always wanted to do since you were a kid?

Be a mermaid. And OMG guess what? That was something I could have aspired to be. Wish I knew that 15 years ago. So can you guess what my dream is? Yup, one day before I die, I want to be a mermaid. You’re probably thinking I’m crazy but there are many companies out there that not only sale mermaid tails but sell that experience as well. When I get to a point where I can splurge on a custom tail and have better control on holding my breath, IT WILL HAPPEN!!!


I’ll answer the rest of the questions in post to come. My brain is starting to hurt 😦

If you would like to sign up for The Happiness Planner “Daily Happiness Emails”series, you can do so at the here.



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