Fighting w/ Dairy

About a year ago, I went to get tested for different allergies. I knew going in that most of my allergies would be contributed to different tree pollens; but as pure curiously (I’ve been noticing that after eating certain amounts of dairy, I’d either breakout, bloat, or just not feel well) I asked my doctor to test me for a milk allergy as well…and what do you know, I have a “slight” allergy to milk.

Now that wouldn’t be a problem but…

Foods I enjoy that contain dairy:

  • ice cream
  • pizza
  • cheese
  • Greek yogurt
  • cereal
  • baking goods
  •  …etc

Foods I’m willing to give up:

…you’re joking right?

See my problem?


So recently, my body has been changing. It’s slowly getting more sensitive to how much dairy I can tolerate until I either breakout on my face with painful zits, bloat to the point were I look 4 months pregnant (I kid you not), or have a upset stomach. Now for a person who a.) loves food and b.) loves foods that contain dairy; I really needed to find alternatives.

At first, just switching to an organic milk source was enough…not so much anymore. Luckily, things have changed in recent years and there are so many more options. IE. Almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk, hemp, and the list goes on.

What makes this transition tough is that my pallet is use to a certain taste, and I’m sorry but almond milk does not taste like milk. Totally fine with that, I love almond milk (365 Whole Foods brand — FAV!!) but I canNOT eat cereal with almond milk. Sad times. Currently testing out different cereals to see which ones I like almond milk with (so far only two). Again, that’s fine. BUT, I live in a house were I have a picky eating sister (dinner time is sometimes a battle)  and a dad who is as much of a trash compactor as I am..(we LOVE food). So foods I finally find, that works for me, will probably be gone within a day or to, leaving me with options that just don’t work….#thestruggleisreal

So, I may have just went in a different direction than what I originally wanted for this post. Just thought a slight background was necessary.

Anyway, on a quest to slowly cut of some dairy from my life. Notice the word SOME, (just not at a point in my life where I’m willing and wanting to cut out all dairy.) I have found a couple alternatives that I would like to share with you guys in details over the next few post. Hopefully you find them helpful if you or someone you know is currently looking for alternatives.


(Details why I enjoy theses items will be in later posts)

As I’ve mentioned above I am in love with Whole Foods 365 brand almond milk => that’s my milk alternative

Greek yogurt alternative => Kite Hill almond milk yogurt (slight aftertaste but I currently loving the blueberry flavor)

Ice Cream alternative (still eating regular kind when craving, not giving up anytime soon) => Ciao Bella Sorbetto Blueberry Passion Fruit…omg amazing

…currently a short list but I’m still on the hunt for more that I can actually stand and I will let you know as I find more 😉




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